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As has happened before with other plants of knowledge like Peyote, the Cofán community has shared this ancestral knowledge and practices with another community, the Emberá Katío. In this particular project, we study the implications of the Yagé practices in the process of social and cultural organization of the Emberá community located in the “La Cristalina” shelter in Orito Putumayo.
This research is exploratory and focused on investigating and deepening the experience of the Embera community of the La Cristalina shelter in Orito Putumayo, in its relationship with the A'i Cofán and the Yagé consumption, after having migrated to this new territory. The Embera community was forced to migrate from the department of Chocó to the Putumayo, escaping the violence of the armed conflict. Since then, they have been welcomed by the Cofán community, which has been teaching them their ancestral traditions of Yagé.

The study is in the first phase. The research team is conducting interviews with the community directly on the field and gathering all the necessary information.

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