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For twenty years we have been weaving knowledge and heart with mysticism-oriented communities and their sacred territories

WIRIKUTA and the wixaritari-HUICHOL peyoteros

The Wixaritari (Huichol) are a prehispanic shamanic tribe from Mexico who resisted conquest and foreign incursion for 500 years and have continued their mystical traditions, connection to the land and consumption of the peyote (hikuri) cactus for millennia.


Babongo, Massango, & Mitsogho BWITI communities in the CONGO BASIN

Bwiti is a spiritual practice that is widespread in Gabon, both in the interior of the jungle where it originated and in the capital, Libreville. During the last twenty years, it has crossed its frontiers and reached Cameroon, Congo, Zaire, and Equatorial Guinea.

AMAZONAS and the
A'I community

The Cofan people are an ancestral indigenous tribe native to the Sucumbíos and Putumayo amazon regions of northeast Ecuador and southern Colombia, between the Guamués River and the Aguaricó River. Their real name in their language is A'i, which means people of Truth.

YUBARTA, and the


AWE is beginning to support a community of Emberas that have been displaced from their territory by war, and continue to be menaced by the guerrillas and the paramilitary that have occupied their territory. Yubarta is a natural reserve of 1,200,000 m2 created by AWE in the jungles of the Colombian pacific shore.



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