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Ecstatic Mysticism

Empowering self-awareness and personal evolution through experiential transmissions and transformative psychedelic education

Ecstatic Mysticism (formerly Psychedelic Therapy Training) is a radical and profound hybrid three-year training program that emphasizes the combination of rigorous integrative education with hands-on experiential learning to challenge students to grow beyond their corners of knowledge and to be transformed into responsible and compassionate practitioners that can transmit authenticity from within their own paths to serve their communities.


This expanded training has opened its doors for admissions, with the first cohorts commencing in August 2024.



Visit our website and apply now







Web of Life

Sexuality &







Psychedelic Therapy Training

Integrating transpersonal psychotherapy, indigenous wisdom, and findings from modern consciousness research

Wirikuta Pilgrimage, México, 2023

Our three-year Psychedelic Therapy Training Program educated and prepared 3 cohorts and 90+ students from around the world to step into the field of psychedelic medicine as self-aware, compassionate, and skilled practitioners. We offered in-depth initiations and transmissions in amplified states of consciousness, direct experiential education through in-person retreats and pilgrimages, as well as academic teachings in psychedelic research and transpersonal psychology. Please note that we are no longer receiving applications for this program.



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