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Spiritual Emergency Support in Latin America

Spiritual emergence is a natural process of growth and awakening of an individual's spiritual potential. Usually, it happens slowly throughout our lives and it integrates smoothly. However, it can also happen quickly or intensely, and in this case, it can seem disturbing and out of context with our normal life,  precipitating a personal crisis known as a spiritual emergency.

Psychedelic Therapy for Social Leaders

​​Granting activists, politicians, writers, institutions, and social leaders the opportunity to partake in the transpersonal experience provided through our network. We believe that  as social leaders, whatever they derive from such experiences will expand exponentially towards the benefit of the earth and the global development of consciousness.


Image by Антон Дмитриев

Yagé and conflict resolution

This study aims to assess the potential of Yage (Ayahuasca) to facilitate the reconciliation process in the context of the Colombian armed conflict. Previous studies have shown that psychedelics may enhance feelings of group cohesion and connectedness. We propose to assess the effects of Ayahuasca in a therapeutic context on the reconciliation process with participants of the different sides of the Colombian conflict. 

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