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Located on the Colombian Pacific north coast in the Chocó department, about 20 minutes by motorboat from Bahía Solano, is a land called Yubarta, like the humpback whales that arrive year after year to the Colombian Pacific coast where they give birth and raise their calves.



Yubarta has 600.000 m2 of tropical rainforest and two private beaches of clear warm waters. It is a wild place that gathers mystery, beauty and diversity. This place has the potential to be a catalyst for consciousness because of its privacy, it’s virgin jungles almost intact from the touch of civilization, and the sea next to it, connecting us to primal ancestral memories.


Here, you can sight the arrival of migratory species like sea turtles and humpback whales. We promote the development of consciousness through the contact with this territory: the adventure of being in a place with strong spirit, and without much trace of the human kind, is in itself a transforming experience. 


The department of Chocó is located in northwest Colombia and has the region's highest degree of humidity, hot temperatures, exuberant vegetation, and intense rain, generating an extremely fertile soil and a damp environment. 


It is also an epicenter of different ecosystems and ecological niches that make this place one of the most biodiverse in the world. In this territory are found about30% of Colombians bird species; and also more than 550 species of vertebrates like manatees, foxes, jaguars, ocelots, pumas, Andean bears, sloths, howler and titi monkeys, eagles, several reptiles, and many amphibians. It also has a humongous biodiversity on marine species including the Humpback whales, that arrive every year. 


Chocó is not only rich in fauna and flora but also in cultures. About 80% of the population is “Afro”: African descendants,  15% indigenous (Emberas and Embera Katios) and 5% mestizos (Colombians from different regions). 

The vast knowledge and wisdom that this region gathers is proof of its multicultural wealth.  This region is also known for being the most recognized area in Colombia in terms of music and dance, based in a mixture of african and indigenous sounds, jungle and sea.




Yubarta was born in response to the need of having a private place for healing, where we can adapt the most favorable conditions for deep personal and collective processes.


Yubarta will be the main home for ONCA. a retreat center and lodging in Bahia Solano Chocó, a place where we can connect, explore and deepen the mystical experience with our community of explorers, teachers, and masters with the details and the design requirements for us to feel at home, safe and in privacy.  


Our dream is to turn Yubarta into an intercultural center of mystical traditions, a house of thought where the ancestral knowledge of the whole world gathers together with the thinkers and seekers who are dreaming and creating new paradigms.


It will be also open to the broad international public offering retreats, certificates, and lectures from different levels of intensity and duration. The business plan is being developed to gain some resources from these services to re-invest them on the growth of the non-profit and of our social projects. 



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