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Below you can learn more about the projects we have in progress at the moment.

psychedelic training
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Psychedelic Therapy Training

The Psychedelic Therapy Training is a project of education, harm reduction, and research; intended to address the current gap in psychedelic education and supervision, reduce poor psychedelic facilitation, and investigate adequate models of psychedelic training.

It is a profound integrative training with a program of three years and a 1,200-hour intensity that incorporates indigenous leaders and their traditions together with psychedelic researchers and transpersonal psychotherapists.

Spiritual Emergency

Spiritual Emergency Support in Latin America

The spiritual emergence process is a natural process of growth and awakening of an individual's spiritual potential. Usually, it happens slowly throughout our lives and it integrates smoothly. However, it can also happen quickly or intensely, and in this case, it can seem disturbing and out of context with our normal life,  precipitating a personal crisis known as a spiritual emergency.

At the ONCA Foundation, we are leading the Spiritual Emergency Service for Latin America, a helpful tool for people who may be going through this process.

Ancestral Knowledge

Conservation and defense of ancestral knowledge

ONCA works very hard for the conservation and the defense of the ancestral knowledge within communities in which it has built relationships. We support them in various ways to keep their mystical traditions, shamanic lineages, and methods alive.

Conflict resolution
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Ayahuasca and conflict resolution

This study aims to assess the potential of Ayahuasca to facilitate the reconciliation process in the context of the Colombian armed conflict. Previous studies have shown that psychedelics may enhance feelings of group cohesion and connectedness. We propose to assess the effects of Ayahuasca in a therapeutic context on the reconciliation process with participants of the different sides of the Colombian conflict. 

Social Leaders

Psychedelic therapy for social leaders

​​To grant activists, politicians, writers, institutions, and social leaders in general the opportunity to partake of the transpersonal experience provided through our network; understanding that as social leaders, what ever they derive from such experiences will expand exponentially towards earth and the global development of consciousness.




A pilgrimage is the mobilization of people toward places where they come in touch with the sacred. 



Over the years we have been building strong relationships with “waking communities”. By waking communities we refer to communities that are awake to certain mystical aspects of consciousness and life. Through these relationships with them, we have begun to support these communities in sharing their knowledge and traditions to non-indigenous who are on the path of search and inner transformation. This is also a way of supporting the communities, their traditions, and their ways of knowing.


MDMA for PTSD and conflict resolution 

It is known that MDMA can increase feelings of trust and compassion towards others, which can be a great tool to assist psychotherapy for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

In fact, preliminary studies have shown that MDMA in conjunction with psychotherapy can help patients overcome PTSD, and perhaps other disorders as well.


Yubarta intercultural center

Based in experiences around Monte Veritas and Esalen, Yubarta seeks to become a consciousness hub, gathering diverse teachings and methods related to personal transformation and the development of consciousness. It is located on Colombian’s Pacific north coast in the Chocó department, it has 600,000 m2 of tropical rainforest and two private beaches of clear warm waters. 


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